Focus requires isolation from distractions

Last few days I have dedicated all my time to finish my dissertation. After break through a writer's block I expect to finish it in two or three days. The first thing I did to help me write was isolating myself from distraction. At my workplace I sit in a noisy place, there's too much … Continue reading Focus requires isolation from distractions

[Tip] Git Alias

I use git on daily basis. Git can be a little verbose sometimes. It is impossible to remember all commands, and check the documentation takes a while. Git support a mechanism to define custom commands called alias. Using alias you can easily create shortcut to other commands. You can use more complex commands or shorten … Continue reading [Tip] Git Alias

Writing is just like programming: Hard

I have being writing my dissertation during last six month. A long wall of text about what I had research. I not sure If I will get my master's degree, because I feel that it needs something more. We always see problems in our work, missing opportunities, things that could be improved, or completely remake … Continue reading Writing is just like programming: Hard

The Zone and pomodoro technique

Software developers, researchers, writer frequently talk about a state of high productivity and focus called the zone. When you are in the zone all your focus are in one thing and complex activities appear to be obvious. You reaches the peak of productivity. However this is a fragile state, an unplanned interruption can easily break … Continue reading The Zone and pomodoro technique

My point of view about object oriented programming

Yesterday I read a post and watched a video criticizing object oriented programming in favor of a more procedural and if possible functional programming. In summary what he says is that object oriented programming failed to delivery what have proposed and does more harm than good by force additional unnecessary complexity. I agree in part … Continue reading My point of view about object oriented programming

[Book Review] Software Skills: The software developer’s life manual

Today, I just finished listening Software Skills by John Sonmez. Its a great book about software developer life, opportunities and life balance. Similar to Code Complete but not about code, but about the career as a software developer. I bought this audio book on Audible, I wanted to buy the Kindle version but still not … Continue reading [Book Review] Software Skills: The software developer’s life manual