[Book Review] Software Skills: The software developer’s life manual

Today, I just finished listening Software Skills by John Sonmez. Its a great book about software developer life, opportunities and life balance. Similar to Code Complete but not about code, but about the career as a software developer.

I bought this audio book on Audible, I wanted to buy the Kindle version but still not available and the paperback version would take too long to arrive.

After finish listening, I have to say that I will probably buy the paperback when I have opportunity. Software Skills presents lessons that are better to view and highlight on paper than on audio. Audible audio chapters have no name. I have to check on Internet the table of content of the book to navigate between the chapter that I have interest. However, because all chapters are short and easy, I can’t complain too much.

Being brief, This book is split in seven major sessions: Career, Marketing Yourself, Learning, Productivity, Financial, Fitness and Spirit. First three chapters are about job and how to get a good one. The following two are about effectiveness at your job and finances. The last two about how to cultivate a good and health life.

I recommend this book to any software developer young or not that want to improve their life and are willing to do it. Next I will read one of the recommended books cited in the book.

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