The Zone and pomodoro technique

Software developers, researchers, writer frequently talk about a state of high productivity and focus called the zone.

When you are in the zone all your focus are in one thing and complex activities appear to be obvious. You reaches the peak of productivity. However this is a fragile state, an unplanned interruption can easily break your nirvana.

In the past, I suffered a lot to get in the zone. I easily started browsing the news, comedy sites, watch YouTube and get distracted by my phone or nearby conversation. After a period doing that I started to feeling bad and anxious. I still do that when I let my guard down, but I more aware why I doing that.

Some years ago I decide to stop this behavior. It always difficult to leave bad habits. First I stopped watching news, watching TV and started reading books and concentrating in only one thing at a time.

I started using to do lists to keep track what I should do during the day. But there’s a problem with to do lists, it difficult to compare tasks. What I ended up doing was finish the easier task first, straight forward tasks got the necessary focus, complex or too abstract tasks were rolled by days. Until be really necessary or abandoned.

This way of work was better than none. Obviously needed improvements. I was able to got to the zone when necessary, reduced my anxiety and procrastination habits. However big tasks were difficult to handle.

I needed a better way of work. I discovered the pomodoro technique. A simple and effective way to organize and execute your daily work.

Pomodoro technique is super effective. 25 minutes of focused work, followed by 5 minutes of leisure, and long interval after 2 hours helped me to be much more productivity. Even when I not using pomodoro I know better how to focus and avoid distractions.

The only problem is too effective, when I at work I ended up finish all my work and started doing nothing because I have to wait for new input.

What I still needing is a technique to handle middle and long term planning. However pomodoro solved my problem to get in the zone.

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