Writing is just like programming: Hard

I have being writing my dissertation during last six month. A long wall of text about what I had research. I not sure If I will get my master’s degree, because I feel that it needs something more. We always see problems in our work, missing opportunities, things that could be improved, or completely remake from scratch.

We write, read, rewrite, read, and repeat. Every time I read, I may found grammatical issues, a better way to organize and construct sentences, a duplication of idea that I had  said elsewhere.

Similar to programming. We write, compile, execute, read, rewrite, compile, execute and repeat. Every time I read a source code I may found bugs, a better way to organize and construct a block of code, or duplication in the code base.

Those similarities get more evident when you don’t know exactly what you should write or code. You search and read books, documentations, posts and papers. To get information to help decide what you will write next. However this situation can deteriorate on Writer’s paralyze. A common situation in academia where you need to write, but start avoiding it. Furthermore if you not fight, you lose opportunities.

My computer and github are a cemetery of projects that I gave up working in it. Each of my repositories has abandoned branches that I explored improvements but couldn’t dedicate energy. Last year I lost many publication opportunities because of it. Because writer’s paralyze and lost of motivation.

Write and Programming is hard, not because the rules that govern the language are difficult. But because creative work requires discipline and determination.

Determination to continue working regardless of adversity.

Perseverance is a continuous learning that never ends.

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