Deadline are bad, but a necessary motivation

I think I’m similar to how most of people behaves about work. My shameful, but natural behavior is to procrastinate until last moment and work very hard to compensate. I hate doing that but I notice from time to time I doing that.

If I lived in rational World I would start as early as possible to get the best work possible and deliver it when I thought is good enough. However, I don’t live in that World. I almost sure I live in an emotional one. Where what I feel govern what I do, and only good habits and motivation can protect me from myself.

Deadline is one of those things that I need to get some work done. I need deadlines to discipline myself and understand how much work is necessary. Helps to break the uncertainty that is behind my procrastination. I need to feel that my work is relevant. If a deadline is too far away or the work is massive, It is very difficult for me to work.

I need to break this enormous effort in many small and manageable pieces with short deadlines and continuous improvements. This way I can feel that I progressing, my stress disappear and I can feel relevant to my friends, coworkers and family.


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