Focus requires isolation from distractions

Last few days I have dedicated all my time to finish my dissertation. After break through a writer’s block I expect to finish it in two or three days.

The first thing I did to help me write was isolating myself from distraction. At my workplace I sit in a noisy place, there’s too much chitchat and I can’t focus without a headphone. That’s enough for most of my work activities. But isn’t enough when I writing an essay.

I can’t stop thinking there’s somebody reading my text over my shoulder and laughing. I know this might be stupid. But it creates unnecessary anxiety that is bad for my mental health.

Back to the topic. Concentration require do one thing at time. Humans can’t handle many things at once without strongly impair the quality of their work. Only mechanical and repetitive activities can be handle in parallel like walking or dish washing.

One way to remove distractions is to identify those distractions and manage them. If you spent too much time checking Facebook or Twitter, stop doing it all the time. Reserve a time to it like during a lunch break. But never check it during productivity work.

Try to minimize interruptions. They are the worst thing that can happen during your work. Other people will always interrupt you through instant messages, to chitchat, ask for help and etc.

Beware of internal interruptions as well. Check the news or watch YouTube can jeopardize your work as bad as other people.

Your time is precious and expensive. Define strict limits about your time, prioritize your work, and be clear when you are busy or not.

I personally recommend try pomodoro technique to understand better the benefits.

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