Integrated Python Development with pipenv

Python3 Python has a few problems. There are two main version that conflict with each other, python may mean python3 in one system or python2 in other. Different ways to install packages using pip, easy_install, or system package manager. Packages may conflict with each other in unexpected ways or use the same import name. A … Continue reading Integrated Python Development with pipenv

Moving to Manjaro

A new decade, a new operation system. I have been using a flavor of Ubuntu since 2009. Usually with Gnome. But, I always have been curious about OpenSuse or ArchLinux. I have tried OpenSuse, but I never get used to default looking feel and usability. ArchLinux is very powerful, but having to configure everything from … Continue reading Moving to Manjaro

Programatically installing WDF Driver

If you had to program the installation of a WDF driver, you might found the same problems that I had. When installing using driver.inf it works. But when trying to install calling CreateService the driver sometimes is corrupted. After a long research I found that happens because WdfCoInstaller is missing. The documentation says that before … Continue reading Programatically installing WDF Driver

Enable KdPrint when Debugging Windows

This is a short, but useful information when developing Driver for Microsoft Windows. Debug log isn't enable by default on Windows. You need to modify Windows Registry to enable it. Open the Registry Editor (regedit). Go to the registry key presented below: Create a new registry key with name Debug Print Filter. Inside it, create … Continue reading Enable KdPrint when Debugging Windows

Setup Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 10

Hello guys. I back to develop using WDK, I had some issues configuring my environment and to help others to avoid the same error that I had, I'm describing here the correct procedure. The basic steps are summarized below: Install Visual Studio Community Install Windows Driver Kit 10.0 Install Windows Driver Kit Samples (Extra) Test … Continue reading Setup Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 10